Candidates for Office and Directorship at AGM 24 July 2019

President: Mike Baldwin (Candidate), Ben Helm (Proposer), Jeremy Hudson (Seconder)
Vice President: Mike Williams (Candidate), Mike Baldwin (Proposer), Ben Helm (Seconder)
Vice President: Ben Helm (Candidate), Jeremy Hudson (Proposer), Mike Baldwin (Seconder)
Captain: Tim Grant (Candidate), Matthew Reader (Proposer), Shane Ahearne (Seconder)
Chairman of Club: Simon Harris (Candidate), Robert Downie (Proposer), Mike Baldwin (Seconder)
Hon Secretary: Jeremy Hudson (Candidate), Mike Baldwin (Proposer), Christopher Grainger (Seconder)
Asst. Hon. Secretary: Christopher Grainger (Candidate), Mike Baldwin (Proposer), Robin Cameron Cooper (Seconder)
Hon Treasurer: Jason Gray (Candidate), Jeremy Hudson (Proposer), Mike Baldwin (Seconder)
Hon House Steward (Functions): Kathleen Curran (Candidate), Jeremy Hudson (Proposer), Mike Baldwin (Seconder)
Hon House Steward (Building): Josh McInerney (Candidate), Miles Preston (Proposer), Jeremy Hudson (Seconder)

1 Colin Christie (Candidate), Tim Grant (Proposer), Jeremy Hudson (Seconder)
2 Iain Cowell (Candidate), Robert Downie (Proposer), Jana Downie (Seconder)
3 Robert Downie (Candidate),Mike Baldwin (Proposer), Jeremy Hudson (Seconder)
4 Chris Goodfellow (Candidate), Tim Grant (Proposer), Jason Gray (Seconder)
5 Frank O’Mahony (Candidate), Miles Preston (Proposer), John Auber (Seconder)
6 Seb Pearce (Candidate), Robert Downie (Proposer), Jason Gray (Seconder)
7 Richard Philips (Candidate), Jeremy Hudson (Proposer), Kathleen Curran (Seconder)
8 Miles Preston (Candidate), Ben Helm (Proposer), Robert Downie (Seconder)
9 Bob Silver (Candidate), Ben Helm (Proposer), Peter Halford (Seconder)
10 Jean-Pierre van Tiel (Candidate), Kathleen Curran (Proposer), Jeremy Hudson (Seconder)

Candidates for the Officers of London Rowing Club can be downloaded here