Designing the steel frame


Peter Halford gives us the background…

The last update summarised the first phase of development involving the dismantling of the old gym structures, the covering over of the tank and the carrying out of ground works for drainage. The next stage of the development is the construction of the new steel frame.

Members who attended the AGM will be aware there have been significant challenges to work through relating to the detailed design of the steel frame so that (a) the cladding panels and ridge mounted ventilation units can be attached exactly where they need to be attached,  (b) we have the maximum height we can achieve both below the changing room box and in the changing room itself and (c) the way things like guttering and glazing will sit within the structure have been thought through.

In practice, what happens is that the steel contractor creates a computer generated 3D model based on the engineering drawings and this is circulated to the main contractor, the engineering consultant, the cladding contractor and the ventilation unit manufacturer for them to comment. A revised model is then created and the process is repeated. It is only when everyone confirms they have not further comments that the model can be finalised and the steel can be fabricated. The design of the steel frame is complicated and all the dimensions need to be exactly right.

There have been a lot of comments to work through requiring a significant amount of revision. Members will be pleased to know that after a huge amount of work we are almost through this process and the steels, which are fabricated off-site, started to arrive at the end of August. There is preparation work to be carried out and then, over the next few weeks, the steels will be bolted together, a bit like a giant meccano, and the new gym will begin to take shape. When the frame has been constructed the new cladding panels will be attached and work will start on the changing room.


The contractor is preparing a revised programme to take account of the time it has taken to work through the steel design issues and this will be communicated in the next update. My current expectation is that it will be mid-December.

For more information, contact Peter Halford, Simon Harris or Eddie Markes