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LRC's Christmas stocking fillers!

Stuck for a Christmas present ?  Here is a selection of books for you.....

The Club’s history "Water Boiling Aft".  Written to mark the Club’s 150th anniversary in 2006.   Author: Christopher Dodd, LRC member and well-known rowing correspondent, journalist and author.  Published by the Club.  The book was very well reviewed and received at the time of publication.

Special price to Members £20 + p & p.  E-mail Or call in to the Office in person.







Two other books by Chris Dodd, available either from the River & Rowing Museum bookshop ( – shop – books, tel 01491 415600) or Richard Way Bookshop (54-56 Friday Street, Henley, 01491 576663):

“Bonnie Brave Boat Rowers: The Heroes, Seers and Songsters of the Tyne”

The Tyne produced champion oarsmen, innovative boat designers  and music hall songs to honour them for a hundred years. [It also produced the Club’s earliest rowing boats from 1856 onwards, including its twelve oars (one of which is now in the Members’ Room in the form of five bookcases !)] Paperback, £9.99.


“Pieces of Eight:  Bob Janousek and his Olympians”

Chris Dodd’s memoir of the coach and feisty crew who restored the country to the Olympic medal podium.  “A masterpiece” says Colin (Lord) Moynihan (LRC member and former international cox, 1978-81).  £20.







And here’s a book by another LRC member, Hugh Dulley (usually to be seen at the Met Regatta prize tent looking after trophies and dispensing winners’ medals), recently published:

“A Voyage to War: an Englishman’s Account of Hong Kong 1936-41”

Published by Unicorn Publishing. To order telephone 01892 871413 or contact .  Special price £18.75 (25% off RRP).