Women's Rowing

Sophie Hosking, Kat Copeland (Tees RC), Imogen Walsh, & Steph Cullen on their way to a win at the 2011 Fours Head

LRC has a small, predominantly lightweight, women’s squad that is focussed on developing athletes to perform at the highest level of the sport; principally trialling for the GB team, aiming to win at Women’s Henley and the National Championships and race at Henley Royal Regatta. Under the guidance of Phil Bourguignon, LRC senior coach, the group trains in small boats for the majority of the year, mostly single and double sculls, with crew sculling boats formed for the main head races in the winter season. Off the water, the squad train alongside the men’s squad in the gym and on the erg, completing 10 – 12 sessions a week.

LRC has a number of current international lightweight athletes that train under the guidance of LRC chief coach and GB lightweight women’s coach, Paul Reedy. Paul has successfully taken members of the women’s club squad through from trialling for the first time to international selection in under three years. Both Phil and Paul have vast experience of the requirements to reach international standard and this is paramount to the success experienced by the squad to date.  However, commitment to their programme is also critical to this success, and it is for this reason that LRC maintain their strategy of a small but focussed group of athletes that are looking for international selection or to win at the very top of national competition.

Here, two of our athletes share their experiences of rowing at London:

Sophie HoskingI joined LRC after graduating from Durham university. I was attracted to the club because of its rich history of successful lightweights and the coaching that the club offered. LRC and the coaching system has had an enormous impact on my rowing career. I feel that being a part of the club, I have exceeded the expectations I had upon joining. As a member of the club I have won final trials and the Wingfield Sculls twice. Internationally I have won multiple world cup and championship medals. Being a member LRC is a very positive part of my life and being involved in a club that caters for a wide range of rowers is refreshing as full-time athlete. 

Imogen WalshWhen moving from Glasgow down to London to pursue rowing, I chose to join LRC mainly because of the coaching - as someone wanting to break into the GB women's lightweight group, who better to be coached by than the head women's lightweight coach, Paul Reedy. It also seemed to me that the club offered what I needed in terms of land training facilities, and since being at the club I have also had the benefit of being coached by the other full time coach, Phil Bourguinion. The set up allowed me to focus on training, whilst also work part-time. The other "perk" of joining LRC was that it offered reasonably priced accommodation for athletes in "The Resis", where I have been living for over a year now. Since joining the club at the start of the 2010/11 season, I have made significant progress - being selected for and winning gold in the LW4x at the 2011 World Champs and, hopefully, I will continue to improve in the forthcoming seasons. I believe that being at LRC has been and will continue to be, the best place for me to further my rowing.

Should your aim be to compete at the top level and LRC be of interest to you as the club to achieve this, please contact the Captain, Tim Grant at or Rob Dauncey the LRC Director of Rowing.