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Remenham Challenge raced in thick fog

The 2016 Remenham Challenge race took place on Saturday 17 December. Race day was misty, but calm. Visibility was poor in the morning and there was some doubt as to whether the race would go ahead.   Luckily the fog lifted to a degree and racing was able to start in the calmest conditions for racing many have had for a long time.

LRC's first boat (elite category) came 4th overall, not what we hoped for but it gives us a lot to work on leading up to the Boustead Cup.  The 2nd and 3rd boats came 9th and 14th overall finishing 2nd and 3rd in the Intermediate category.  The Vets put in their standard dominant performance and finished 1st and 2nd in the Masters category.

The top half finished as follows (placings based on handicap):

1  Thames (Thomas) Open Elite 10:36.88

2  Molesey (Douglass) Open Elite 10:39.60

3  Kingston (Fellows) Open Elite 10:55.20

4  London (Cummings) Open Elite 10:59.86

5  Thames (McDonald) Open Intermediate 11:04.61

6  Molesey (Wilkins) Open Elite 11:07.13

7  London (Harries) Open Masters D 11:46.63

8  Thames (Curry) Open Elite 11:16.79

9  London (Parnell) Open Intermediate 11:17.90

10 Thames (Hardy) Open Elite 11:20.00

11 London (Halford) Open Masters C 11:40.46

12  Molesey (Hardy) Open Novice 11:25.61

13  Thames (Ippolito) Open Masters C 11:48.63

14  London (Freeman) Open Intermediate 11:32.81

15  Twickenham (Schmitz) Open Masters F 12:49.49

16  Vesta (Radcke) Open Intermediate 11:41.83

17  Twickenham (Lackner) Open Elite 11:46.88

18  Kingston (Wales) Open Intermediate 11:49.28

19  Thames (Panter) Open Masters E 12:41.85

20  Molesey (Boyer) Open Masters C 12:11.01

21  Thames (Blake) Open Masters A 11:59.57

22  London (Christie) Open Masters F 13:11.75

23  Vesta (Anstis) Open Masters B 12:07.99

24  Thames (Perry) Women Elite 12:08.10

25  Vesta (Hookway) Open Intermediate 12:09.44

26  Vesta (McKerrell) Open Masters E 12:59.80