Masters Rowing

LRC at the Head of the Charles in 2010

We are keen to welcome rowers who no longer have the wish or the time to row or compete at the highest levels. We offer a more flexible routine, very much tailored to your own situation. You may be someone who has just left the Senior Squad, or have taken a break from rowing but wish to get back on the water, or have just taken up the sport. Masters rowing at LRC can be purely social, competitive, or a mixture.

You will be able to row with any or all of the main Veteran Groups:

  1. Casuals”:  Mainly ex-squad rowers who can no longer manage the amount of training required in high level competition, but who want to stay fit and race from time to time. Crews are organised on an ad hoc basis and compete regularly at the Vesta Vets Head, Veteran Fours Head, and Henley Vets.
  2. “Masters”:  Crews are formed, normally two or three times a week and dependant on personal availability, to train, be coached on the water or to compete at forthcoming seasonal events. Recent examples in 2011 are racing in the Pairs Head, Masters’ Fours Head, Teddington Head, Kingston Head and Head of the Charles in Boston, Ma. We have call on good quality 1xs, 2x/-s, 4x/-s and 8+s. There are racks available for personal 1xs.  When not preparing for racing individual outings can be mutually agreed or with the “Irregulars”.
  3. Irregulars”:  Outings are weekly on Sunday mid-mornings and Wednesday evenings (summer)/ mornings (winter). Crews are arranged at the time from those available. The more social side of this group had included periodic overseas trips, recently to Germany, Holland, and Spain; and to Venice for the Vogalonga.