Henley Royal Regatta


The 2012 Henley Royal Regatta provided a stern test for the London Rowing Club crews and scullers.  The strong headwind and stream all week provided an additional challege to our crews who were often much lighter than their opponents.  Two crews reached Saturday's semi-finals - last year's Wyfold winners went out to the GB under-23 heavyweight coxless four in the Visitors' and the 2011 Britannia finalists just failed to repeat that achievement, losing to eventual winners Star Club.

Commenting on the Club's overall performance, Captain Marco Espin said:

Overall Henley was a firm test for all our athletes and crews. All crews came away having done solid performances but not with the result they would like the most. I am sure the rowers will rise to the challenge of improving to getting the very best results throughout next year.

Saturday 30th June 2012


Visitors': Oxford Brookes Univ. & Molesey B.C. beat London R.C. verdict 3 3/4 lengths
Barrier: 2.11 Fawley: 3.41 Finish: 8.05 

Last year's Wyfold-winning crew from London were giving away nearly 3 stone a man to the GB under 23 heavyweight coxless four into a very strong cross-headwind that was whipping up white horses on the course.  London went off at 45 but by the 1/4 mile found themselves 3/4 length down on Oxford Brookes & Molesey.  By the Barrier, Oxford Brookes & Molesey had extended their lead to 2 1/2 lengths and 4 lengths at Fawley.  Despite a high rating push along the enclosures London could not get back on terms crossing the line 3 3/4 lengths down.

Britannia: Star Club beat London R.C. verdict 4 1/2 lengths
Barrier: 2.12 Fawley 3.42 Finish: 7.56 

Racing into a freshening cross-headwind, Star Club established an early advantage and led by 1 1/2 lengths at the Barrier.  At Remenham, Star had drawn further away to lead by 4 lengths in torrenial rain.  Star maintained their lead along the enclosures going on to win by 4 1/2 lengths.

Queen Mother: Victoria City R.C., CAN beat University College, Cork, IRL and London R.C. verdict 1 3/4 lengths
Barrier: 2.05 Fawley: 3.32 Finish: 7.24 

Featuring London's Henry Pelly, the composite quad were giving away 2 stone a man into another blustery headwind.  At the barrier the Victoria City Rowing Club from Canada led by nearly 1 length.  However, as the course headed out into the middle of the river, Cork & London began to claw back on the Canadians' lead, reducing it to 1/3 length at Remenham.  Entering the enclosures the crews were level.  As the Canadians began their push for the finish, Cork & London just seemed to have some steering problems, and the Canadians sculled away to win by 1 3/4 lengths.

Caps & Ties

Don't forget to come along to the annual Caps & Ties party which will be held after racing in the Stewards' Car Park behind the NatWest Bank.  All current & former members are most welcome, along with friends and family.

Timetable of Racing

8 11.10 Queen Mother 262 Victoria City R.C., CAN 261 University College, Cork & London R.C.
14 12.10 Britannia 349 London R.C. 361 Star Club
21 2.50 Visitors' 199 London R.C. 204 Oxford Brookes Univ. & Molesey B.C.

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Friday 29th June 2012


Princess Royal: K. Pajusalu, EST beat I.C. Walsh verdict Easily
Barrier: 2.48 Fawley: 4.46 Finish: 9.56

London's Imogen Walsh took on Pajusalu of Estonia, who had finished 6th in W1x at the recent Olympic Qualification Regatta in Lucerne, in some of the worst conditions of the day.  Reaching the Barrier in 2.48, the Estonian sculler had only managed to open up a 2 length lead, despite her 4 stone weight advantage.  While Pajusalu extended this to 4 lengths at Fawley, cheered on by a vociferous Remenham crowd, Walsh pushed hard and began to reduce the deficit. Although Walsh continued her pursuit along the enclosures, Pajusalu proved too strong, however there was nothing easy about the Easily verdict.  Tweeting after the race, Imogen said:

Well, I can confirm that that hurt a lot... But the support from the bank was amazing - especially the Remenham roar!

Visitors': London R.C. beat Taurus B.C. verdict Easily
Barrier: 2.19 Fawley: 3.53 Finish: 8.07

Before the end of the island, Taurus found themselves 1/2 a length down and being warned about their steering. At the barrier, London, still at 35, had opened up a length of clear water and by Remenham, their lead had doubled to 4 lengths.  London continued to draw away along the enclosures recording an Easily verdict.

Thames: Upper Thames R.C. beat London R.C. verdict 2 1/2 lengths
Barrier: 2.01 Fawley: 3.28 Finish: 7.41 

Following a short delay to clear some geese from the course, the crews were level at the end of the island.  At the 1/4 mile, Upper Thames started to ease ahead and had established a 1/2 length lead.  Passing Remenham, Upper Thames had extended their lead to 1 1/2 lengths.   Although conceding over a stone a man into a strong headwind, London pushed hard along the enclosures but could not prevent Upper Thames going on to win by 2 1/2 lengths.

Timetable of Racing

11 9.30 Thames 50 Upper Thames R.C. 28 London R.C.
42 2.10 Visitors' 199 London R.C. 20Taurus B.C.
60 6.10 Princess Royal 488 K. Pajusalu, EST 498 I.C. Walsh (London R.C.)

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Thursday 28th June 2012


Thames: London R.C. beat Kingston R.C. verdict 4 1/2 lengths
Barrier: 2.03 Fawley: 3.30 Finish: 7.21 

London established an early lead over Kingston Rowing Club which they had extended to 2 lengths by the Barrier. Passing Remenham, London were able to reduce their rate to 33 and continued to draw away down the enclosures winning by 4 1/2 lengths.

Britannia: London R.C. beat Henley R.C. verdict Easily
Barrier: 2.13 Fawley: 3.47 Finish: 7.57

The London crew, looking resplendent in their LRC caps, had clear water by the 1/4 mile and 4 lengths by Fawley, going on to record an "easily" verdict.

Visitors': London R.C. beat Ruderverein Wiking Linz and Wiener Ruderclub Lia, Austria verdict 4 lengths
Barrier: 2.06 Fawley: 3.36 Finish: 7.50

By the top of the island, London had established an early lead over their Austrian student opponents and had clear water by the 1/4 mile.  By Remenham, London had established a comfortable lead and dropped their rating to 30, eventually cruising home to record a 4 length victory.

Wyfold: The Tideway Scullers' School beat London R.C. 'A' verdict 2 lengths
Barrier: 2.08* Fawley: 3.38* Finish: 7.28

Both crews set off at a frantic pace, rating 48 along the island, but before the crews had reached the temple, umpire Fred Smallbone - officiating at his last regatta - was already reaching for his flag as the crews drifted towards the centre of the course.  By the 1/4 mile, the selected London 'A' crew had moved out to half a length over The Tideway Scullers' School and maintained this lead at the Barrier and at Remenham Club, where they were rating 36. A sustained push saw Scullers take the lead by 1/3 length passing the mile signal.  Rating 38 down the enclosures, Scullers moved away from London 'A' to record a hard-fought win by 2 lengths.

Wyfold: Münchener Rc. von 1880 e.V., Germany beat London R.C. 'B'  verdict 2 3/4 lengths
Barrier: 2.07 Fawley: 3.36 Finish: 7.38

Despite some erratic steering off the start, the crew from Münchener Ruderclub von achtzehnhundertachtzig eingetragener Verein established an early lead over the London 'B' crew.  At the 1/4 mile, Munich lead by 1 length which they extended to 2 lengths by the Barrier.  By Fawley, the German crew had reduced their rate to 31, and maintained their lead through the enclosures to cross the line some 2 3/4 lengths ahead of London.

Timetable of Racing

2 9.05 Wyfold 224 London R.C. 'B' 230 Münchener Rc. von 1880 e.V., GER
13 10.10 Wyfold 246 The Tideway Scullers' School 223 London R.C. 'A'
18 10.40 Visitors' 199 London R.C. 208 Rv. Wiking Linz & Wiener Rc., AUT
19 10.45 Britannia 349 London R.C. 347 Henley R.C.
31 12.00 Thames 25 Kingston R.C. 28 London R.C.

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Wednesday 27th June 2012


Britannia: London R.C. beat Quintin B.C. verdict Rowed Over
Barrier: 2.12 Fawley: 3.55 Finish: 8.31

The London crew rowed over after Quintin Boat Club were disqualified for being on the course at a prohibited time.

Wyfold: London R.C. 'A' beat Vesta R.C. verdict 5 lengths
Barrier: 2.08 Fawley: 3.38 Finish: 7.49

London recorded a comfortable win over Vesta Rowing Club, leading at all the marks and crossing the line 5 lengths clear of their Putney neighbours.

Thames: London R.C. beat Nottingham R.C. verdict Easily
Barrier: 2.14 Fawley: 3.33 Finish: 7.36 

London cruised away up the island establishing an early lead over Nottingham Rowing Club.  Passing Remenham Club , London had reduced their rate to 31 and led Nottingham by 3 lengths.  The crew continued to draw away down the enclosures recording an easily verdict.

Wyfold: London R.C. 'B' beat Potomac B.C., USA verdict Disqualified
Barrier 2.17* Fawley: NTT Finish: NTT 

Although leading by 1/2 length at the Barrier, Potomac Boat Club from Washington D.C. had been warned several times by the umpire about their steering.  Leaving the Barrier, the crews clashed oars and Potomac were disqualified leaving London to paddle home to record the club's first win of the regatta.

Timetable of Racing

Race Time Event Berks Bucks
3 8.40 Wyfold 224 London R.C. 'B' 234 Potomac B.C., USA
26 11.00 Thames 36 Nottingham R.C. 28 London R.C.
34 11.45 Wyfold 252 Vesta R.C. 223 London R.C. 'A'
44 2.15 Britannia 349 London R.C. 357 Quintin B.C.

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